New school in Brampton dedicates $500,000 in grants for Ontario’s best and brightest students

February 4, 2016

​Walden International School is opening its doors to a founding cohort of 50 students entering high school inSeptember 2016. The school’s founders have committed to restoring the fundamentals of learning and redefining what it means to be a school. Through the grant program, their vision is to provide young minds with the freedom to imagine possibilities, to explore capacities and, ultimately to achieve purpose.

Walden International School believes in the integrity of teachers and trusts them to inspire excellence in their students. They realize that education is not about achieving high marks or earning a diploma; rather, the goal is to instil in students an authentic passion for what it means to live a meaningful life. A life that is devoted to being well, an enduring sense of curiosity, and service to others.

The grant program will invest in students who will become the best and the brightest—those that are open-minded, collaborative, ethical, conscientious, and compassionate. Awards of$100,000 will be allocated for incomingWalden students during an engaging, reflective, and transformative annual forum that tasks students with the responsibility of tackling some of the world’s pressing issues. The hope is that the grants will inspire and establish the foundation for future altruistic endeavours.

“People often talk about making a difference but they rarely do anything about it. And, it’s usually just a passing thought. We’re pledging to not only ‘put our money where our mouth is’, but also, and more importantly, we’re committing to helping students conceive and write their stories and ultimately live their legacies,” saidJustin Lee, General Manager of Walden International School. “All we ask is that students be open to their calling.”

About Walden International School
Walden International School focuses on an international curriculum, wellness, and service learning.Walden offers a more process-driven and experiential approach favouring problem solving and critical thinking over a traditional content-driven pedagogy. The school will seek candidacy status in pursuit of becoming an authorised IB World School.

Walden International School aims to be the first school inOntario to exclusively deliver the International Baccalaureate programme. Of equal importance is an unprecedented attention and commitment to student needs and well-being. For more information,