Brampton is located in the middle of the Innovation Corridor, giving Brampton a unique opportunity to attract talent from both Waterloo and Toronto

Ranked #1 for mid-sized North American Cities of the Future for connectivity) Source: FDI Intelligence, American Cities of the Future 2019/20

Canada has the 10th largest largest economy in the world

Canada has the lowest business costs in the G7 with a sound banking system

Easy access to all 400 series transcontinental highways accessing 158 M consumers

Largest supply of vacant land adjacent to Toronto International Airport

Only G7 country that offers investors preferential market access to over 1.5 billion consumers in 51 countries through free trade agreements: CUSMA,CETA, CPTPP

The GTA is the fastest growing region in Ontario with more than 6 million residents generating 19% of Canada’s GDP, in excess of $332 billion. With tax incentives recognized worldwide

Standard and Poors Triple “A” rating for 14 consecutive years

Lowest office development charges per square foot in the Greater Toronto Area

Brampton is at the centre of Canada’s major transportation corridors with direct access to the U.S. border.

Cars travelling on a highway

By Road

Brampton is one of the most connected cities in North America sitting at the centre of an extensive network of 7 major highways that provide easy access to over 158 million consumers within a day’s drive.

Plane flying overhead

By Air

Brampton has the closet downtown to Canada’s largest airport, Pearson International. It is the hub for over 47 million passengers annually to over 180 destinations around the world.

Train containers used for transporation

By Rail

Brampton is home to CN, the largest intermodal railway terminal in Canada. More than 58 per cent of North American business comes through the Brampton facility.

Worker scanning a local shipping yard

By Sea

The Port of Toronto’s connection to the St. Lawrence Seaway provides transportation, distribution, storage and containerization for international and domestic markets.

ZUM bus travelling to Humber College

By Transit

Brampton is the fastest growing transit system in Canada.