Innovation District Partners

The Future Centre for Innovation

Brampton’s Centre for Innovation will be an iconic gateway building offering a new central library providing opportunities for digital creation and programming, performance and audio recording, assistive technologies for various abilities, and culture days. Located in the heart of Downtown Brampton, the building will provide flexible office spaces to engage residents and community partners. The CFI will be a landmark for train passengers entering or departing the city from the Downtown Brampton GO station.

Revitalization & Community Improvement Plan:

The Central Area Community Improvement Plan (CIP) establishes a toolbox of programs designed to support specific planning objectives by aligning financial incentives with identified planning goals. Individual incentive programs are established when needed by way of approval of Implementation Guidelines and corresponding budget.

  • Development Charges Incentive Program
  • Facade Improvement Program
  • Building Improvement Program
  • Sign Permit Fee Subsidy Program

For more information, visit Planning & Development.

Devin Ramphal

Sector Manager, Innovation & Technology