​​Sobeys first South Asian Grocery Store

September 1, 2015

​Sobeys Inc. announced the grand opening of Chalo! FreshCoin Brampton on August 27, 2015, the Company’s first South Asian focused discount grocery store.
“Chalo! FreshCo is a significant and unique addition to our Company’s food retailing lineup,” says Rob Adams, General Manager, Discount Format, Sobeys Inc. “This store caters to the South Asian market while also driving our mission to inspire Canadians to discover new foods, products and recipes, and to help them Eat Better, Feel Better and Do Better.”

Chalo, meaning “let’s go” in South Asian languages, is Sobeys Inc.’s invitation for shoppers to visit the new 50,000 square foot store. Inside, they will find thousands of South Asian grocery products such as a wide assortment of rice, spices, lentils and snacks; fresh produce; full service seafood, halal and non-halal meat counters; Amaya, a popular Indian restaurant; as well as the traditional FreshCo product offering with a large range of North American brands at low discount prices.

“Our research indicates that many South Asians visit multiple grocery stores each week to fulfill their food shopping needs, from traditional grocers to small, specialty stores for specific products” adds Adams. “Now, they can find the popular and unique products that they regularly look for and enjoy in one convenient location.”

Chalo! Freshco, located at 10615 Bramalea Road in Brampton, Ontario, is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week. For more information, please visitwww.chalofreshco.com.