2016 Census highlights City’s strong growth

May 31, 2017

​According to the census numbers, Brampton retains its place as Canada’s ninth largest city based on total population. Brampton is listed as having 593,638 people in 2016, growing 13.3 percent since the 2011 census.

“Brampton’s growth has been truly remarkable – we as a City have been trying to tell this story for a number of years. Brampton is an exciting and dynamic place to live and work,” said Mayor Linda Jeffrey. “People from around the world are choosing to live here, and all levels of government are recognizing that growth through targeted investment in our city.”

February has seen the opening of the Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness, a state-of-the-art, 350,000 square foot urgent care facility that is estimated to see 40,000 visitors annually. Brampton is also looking forward to the opening of the ErinoakKids treatment centre in 2017.

Recognizing its young and growing population, the Province has also committed to supporting a new university in Brampton. This partnership will bring innovative delivery of the skills needed to build the workforce of tomorrow.

The City is also currently reviewing its Official Plan, the road map for how the community grows and develops, and part of this review involves looking at growth. Population and employment forecasts provide the City with information on which to base decisions about how, where and when Brampton will grow.

With a net increase of almost 70,000 people since the 2011 census, Brampton is the second fastest growing community of Canada’s largest 25 cities.

Statistics Canada (www.statcan.ca) will release additional information over the coming months, including Age, Sex and Type of Dwelling in May, and Families, Households and Marital Status and Language in August. For more about census information on Brampton, visitwww.brampton.ca/census, call 905.874.2650 or e-mailedo@brampton.ca.

Quick facts:

• Almost 40 people choose to move to Brampton every day
• Brampton experienced the fourth highest new growth of all communities in Canada
• In terms of overall population, Brampton is ninth in Canada, fourth in Ontario and third in the GTA
• From 2011 to 2016, Brampton saw a net population increase of almost 70,000 people, a growth rate of 13.3 per cent
• Brampton’s growth rate is double that of the Region of Peel, three times greater than Ontario’s, and two-and-a-half times greater than Canada’s growth rate