Activities Promoting Investment and Trade with United States

June 2, 2016

Did you know that over $1 billion in bilateral trade crosses the Canada-U.S. border every day? Not only is the Canada-U.S. border the longest one in the world, it is the most active. With similar language and business culture, we have been natural trading partners for over 200 years.

Brampton Economic Development (EDT) has been refreshing and building new relationships with U.S. stakeholders over the last 18 months through diplomatic events, inbound delegations, networking events, and outbound missions. All of these activities build networks that can lead to valuable bilateral trade and investment opportunities.

Here is a list of the major activities that EDT’s International Business Development and Marketing (IBDM) program has executed since 2015 relative to the U.S. Market:Mayor’s closed-session round table with U.S. Consul General (2015) Jim Dickmeyer – April 2015PLMA Food and Beverage sector trade show in Chicago – October 2015Advanced Manufacturing sector mission to Chicago – October 2015Human Health and Science sector mission to Minneapolis – November 2015Inbound delegation from Tampa Bay – November 2015Human Health and Science sector mission to Boston –December 2015Mayor’s closed-session round table with U.S. Consul General (2016) Juan Alsace – April 2016Inbound delegation from South Carolina at U.S. Consul General’s residence – May 2016New Exporters to Border States mission to Buffalo – May 2016Networking with Buffalo-Niagara Partnership, Niagara IDA & Erie IDA – May 2016Partner TO Health represented Brampton at Bio2016 trade show – June 2016Hosting Buffalo-Niagara Partnership, Niagara IDA – June 2016Advanced Manufacturing sector mission to San Francisco – June 2016

EDT is always eager to hear about the global aspirations of local businesses. We want to learn about the trade shows and broader markets that our local companies participate in. By gathering business intelligence and developing local and global networks, Brampton Economic Development can refer sellers to buyers. The more we know about our local capabilities, the better we can identify opportunities for trade, joint ventures and other business dealings.

These activities also provide leads for foreign direct investment. Attracting international companies to set up in Brampton is a key goal of Brampton EDT. More businesses add strength to our local economy by building jobs, capacity, innovation and other community contributions.

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