Brampton Cuts Red Tape for Global Talent

July 19, 2019

The City of Brampton has signed an agreement with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to become a referral partner for the Global Skills Strategy program. Setting Brampton apart from other cities competing for foreign business and talent, the Strategy facilitates employer access to highly-skilled foreign workers when they are unable to find comparable talent locally. The program cuts red tape and makes the process for accessing global talent quicker and easier, allowing skilled workers and top research talent to work in Canada for short periods with minimal regulations.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide this program in Brampton,” says Clare Barnett, Director, Economic Development and Culture in Brampton. “Local businesses and potential foreign investors are sometimes unable to access the talent they need locally. The Global Skills Strategy provides them with the ability to access the talent they need quickly with less red tape than in the past. This program is a win-win for Brampton businesses and residents.”

The Global Skills Strategy can only be used when a company has proven that they have attempted to hire locally before pursing global talent. Since launching in Canada in 2017, this program has received over 20,000 applications with an approval rate of 93%. The top five industry occupations include interactive media programmers and developers, computer analysts and consultants, university professors, software engineers, and info systems and data processing.

The Global Skills Strategy program supports Brampton’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) strategy, a step-by-step plan to increase jobs and growth in Brampton by building stronger economic linkages around the globe. The FDI strategy will create jobs and raise Brampton’s profile on a global scale. It will incentivize foreign companies to locate in Brampton, which will in turn increase jobs in our City. ​

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