Brampton Economic Development Master Plan

June 1, 2018

​Over the past year, staff has worked with all our Steering Committee and partners to develop this plan. This Master Plan will provide a strategic roadmap, identifying opportunities, challenges and activities reaching out to 2041.

It will provide actions to guide economic growth and future collaboration within the City, and the business community. As companies continue to reinvest and relocate to Brampton, and growth expected to continue until 2041, the City of Brampton is in a strong position to attract investment and will remain among the country’s most active markets in the coming decades.

Exciting things are happening in Brampton as the city moves to take a prominent position as a major urban centre. There is a buzz and an energy, a cultural vibrancy creating a strong sense of place where people want to learn, grow, connect and inspire.Economic Development Master PlanEconomic Development Master Plan Analysis