Brampton featured in regional Amazon bid

October 19, 2017

“One year ago, we celebrated the opening of Amazon’s fulfillment centre in Brampton – the largest in Canada,” says Mayor Linda Jeffrey. “Our youth, diversity and quality of life continue to make Brampton a great place for business to invest. And the City has invested too, committing up to $150 million to a new STEM-focused university and innovation hub in Brampton, in partnership with two of Canada’s leading post-secondary institutions, Ryerson University and Sheridan College. The future is bright for Brampton.

The City of Brampton’s site offers 112-acres of City-owned, fully-serviced, shovel-ready land strategically located at the junction of Highways 410 and 407, and only four miles from Canada’s largest international airport.

Brampton provides an unparalleled pipeline to talent. Brampton is Canada’s second fastest growing city with approximately 14,000 new residents per year. It is the youngest municipality in Canada with an average age of 36.5 years, and is tremendously diverse – home to people from 209 different cultures. Brampton will soon be home to a new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) focused university and innovation hub in partnership with two of Canada’s leading post-secondary institutions, Ryerson University and Sheridan College. Brampton is also only 25 miles from Toronto.

Brampton has the fastest growing transit system in Canada. The site is served by Brampton’s Züm Bus Rapid Transit system providing direct access to GO Transit rail and other major transit systems in the region. As well, upcoming GO Transit and Light Rail Transit expansions will directly benefit the site and enhance connections to the Innovation Corridor connecting to talent from Waterloo to Toronto.

The lands are fully serviced, including fibre-optics for telecommunications, and service expansions are easily achievable. The potential for access ramps to Highways 410 and 407 will reduce the already short travel times to the airport and improve connections within the region. While the site is partially occupied by a sports arena and associated parking, it can be easily transformed to accommodate Amazon’s short term and long term development requirements.

The Etobicoke Creek – a beautiful natural environment feature – runs through the site and has a multi-use pathway for biking and walking that stretches to Lake Ontario and the Waterfront Trail. This pathway is part of a 167-mile trail network across Brampton. The north side of the site is next to the 18-hole Brampton Golf Club, providing the potential for additional expansion.

Within a three-mile radius of the site there are more than 200 restaurants, 25 supermarkets and grocery stores, eight recreation centres, two libraries, and more than 3,000 businesses to support Amazon’s future workforce.

Brampton offers an urban setting surrounded by natural environments, making it attractive to young professionals and families. Brampton’s housing is competitively priced with many amenities such as green space, cultural institutions and events, rapid transit, recreation centres, and sport facilities.

The City’s ownership of the property, our willingness to expedite development, and the cost-effectiveness of greenfield development make the site an attractive location that meets Amazon’s short and long term requirements.

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Brampton FAQ

Brampton is participating in a joint regional bid for Amazon’s second headquarters through our partnership Toronto Global. Launched in February 2017, Toronto Global is an arms-length not-for-profit corporation representing municipalities in the Toronto Region. Its mandate is to work with municipal, provincial and federal partners to market the entire region to international investors.

Why is the City of Brampton pursuing the Amazon headquarters?
Amazon’s scale of business and plans for growth make this a unique opportunity for any region or municipality. The scope of what Amazon is proposing will have a transformative impact on any municipality.

Amazon’s initial requirement is for 500,000 to 1 million square feet of office space. Over the next 10-15 years, it is planning a multi-phase development that could reach $5 billion in capital investment, employ as many as 50,000 people, and reach 8 million square feet of office space.

In addition to direct jobs needed to be filled, there are all kinds of associated indirect and spin-off benefits. Some numbers based on Amazon’s current 40,000 employee campus in Seattle include:
· 53,000 additional jobs created as a result of Amazon’s investment
· $38 billion additional investments in the local economy as a result of Amazon’s investment
· $43 million paid into public transit as an employee’s transportation benefit
· 233,000 (in 2016) hotel nights by visiting Amazon employees and guests

Why was the PowerAde Centre site selected instead of other sites?
City staff evaluated all possible locations in Brampton against Amazon’s criteria, and identified the PowerAde site as the best possible option. Staff presented the evaluation to Council and recommended the City propose the PowerAde site as its contribution to the AHQ2 bid with Toronto Global.

The PowerAde site is 112 acres of serviced, City-owned, shovel ready land that meets or exceeds all of Amazon’s requirements.

The site’s visibility at the junction of Highways 410 and 407, access to transit, and natural environment features with the Etobicoke Creek and Trail running through the north end make it a very desirable property for development.

Who owns the PowerAde land? Will the City have to purchase it?
The City owns the site.

What about the Brampton Beast? Is the City going to build a new facility for them?
Brampton is proud to be the home of the Brampton Beast, and values its partnership and contributions to our community. If the PowerAde Centre were to become unavailable for their use, staff would, at Council’s direction, work with the club to determine what next steps would be of greatest value to the City and for the Beast.

What about community use of the rinks at the PowerAde Centre? Will that be replaced?
Brampton currently owns 19 hockey rinks that are available for community use, including those at the PowerAde Centre. If the PowerAde Centre rinks become unavailable for community use, staff will analyze use and needs for rink time and space in Brampton, and bring options for Council to consider.

What about the outdoor fields?
If the PowerAde Centre outdoor fields become unavailable for community use, staff will analyze use and needs for those sports and spaces in Brampton, and bring options for Council to consider.

Are you going to tear down the PowerAde Centre?
There are no plans to remove the PowerAde Centre. Amazon’s RFP for its headquarters indicated an interest in existing buildings in any site proposed. If Amazon was to select the Brampton site, it would decide on what to do with the facility. There are a number of possible uses:
• A corporate multi-use facility
• A premier facility promoting work/life balance to attract and retain talent
• Convention or conference space
• Vendor and product showcase
• Large space to host community events such as robotics competitions, hackathons, cultural events
• Continuation of existing uses complimented by additional AMAZON sponsored programming

Is the City going to give the site to Amazon for free?
The City is prepared to negotiate with any prospective owner or tenant of this site.

Isn’t development at the site at 7575 Kennedy road subject to height restrictions because of its proximity to the airport?
The site is not within the Lester B Pearson International Airport Operating Area and as a result, is not subject to height or development restrictions.

How would the City manage any existing lease of the site or associated facilities?
Any decisions or negotiations around leases will be addressed should Amazon choose to locate at the site.