Brampton Industry Pivots to Meet the Demand of COVID-19

April 16, 2020

Worker showcasing PPE equipement

Brampton businesses are stepping up and addressing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the provincially-mandated closures of non-essential enterprises ordered last month, Brampton businesses have shown resolve and courage to adapt and change. Companies across the board, from the automotive to the food and beverage sector, among others, have banded together in order to manufacture solutions.

Fiat Chrysler Automob​iles is shifting its production capacity to manufacture protective masks for front-line health workers, at its plant in northeast Brampton. At the south end of the city, students and faculty are pivoting to produce 3-D printed face shields at Sheridan College’s​ Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies. O-Two Medical Technologies in the east end is rising to the challenge of supplying much-needed ventilators to support at-risk patient needs. In its partnership with the Province of Ontario, it has pledged to manufacture 10,000 ventilators. Empack Spraytech, an aerosol producer, is helping to produce hand sanitizer to fill the shortage being experienced by everyday Bramptonians.

MDA, with its history of building groundbreaking aerospace and robotics machinery (makers of the Canadarm), is now using its sterile laboratories to help produce face shields which will protect essential healthcare practitioners.

Mayor Patrick Brown has thanked the many “unsung heroes” across Brampton who have stepped up to answer the call. In the face of unprecedented challenges that have forced ingenuity and innovation to develop, Brampton businesses have surpassed expectations and truly risen to the occasion.

Other Brampton businesses who have stepped up to help in various ways in response to the COVID-19 crisis include:

  • ABC Technologies – helping produce parts for ventilators
  • A Berger Co. – helping produce parts for ventilators
  • Almag Aluminum – parts for ventilators, medical beds, tables, partitions
  • Bempro (BMP Metals) – 3D printing parts of face shields
  • Royal Containers collaborating with company in Barrie – Producing partitions for cashiers
  • Medtronic global – (Ireland Plant) is pivoting to produce ventilator