Brampton Mastermind presents Paramount’s Dr. Fakih

July 19, 2018

​Brampton Mastermind is a group designed to bring together passionate and committed entrepreneurs to discuss and overcome their challenges and empower their business. The group encourages people with varied experiences to collaborate, brainstorm ideas, provide support and guidance to business owners.

Each month, the group brings in a distinguished speaker to help inspire new thinking, new ideas, and new insights to overcoming challenges. On July 31, the group is hosting Dr. Mohamad Fakih of the popular restaurant Paramount Fine Foods.

Dr. Fakih is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who purchased a nearly bankrupt restaurant in 2006 and turned it into one of the fastest growing franchise chains across North America. His goal with Paramount Fine Foods was to revamp the traditional image of how Middle Eastern Food is viewed and enjoyed through a hands-on approach. He wanted to ensure his model is sustainable and provided jobs for new immigrants both in Canada and globally. Dr. Fakih was able to quickly grow this business, and is now expanding across the United States and globally.

As a community leader, Dr. Fakih has been involved in many fundraisers and community events supporting causes where both Mohamad and Paramount have donated generously to charities and not-for-profits organizations. Dr. Fakih’s determination to give back to the community has been reflected in a workplace culture of philanthropy and mutual support.

Dr. Fakih has received numerous awards which include Entrepreneur of the Year, Readers Choice Community Gold Award, Business Person of the Year and much more.

You won’t want to miss this event as Dr. Fakih will speak on his journey over the last 10 years and what he has learned through his engagement both in business and in the community.

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