Building a hub for jobs and innovation

June 12, 2017

​Brampton is thinking bigger. It is a future ready city with a sharp focus where leaders know that its community’s growth, youth and diversity set it apart. Brampton sits at the centre of Canada’s innovation super corridor, encouraging investment and technology sector partnerships. Brampton is building vibrant urban centres that ignite opportunity and instill​ pride in the people who live and work here.
New opportunities are shaping Brampton as an urban city, a hub for jobs and innovation, and a global leader. Federal and Provincial funding has accelerated city projects. The Ontario government announced a university for Brampton. Peel Memorial Integrated Health and Wellness Centre opened. Four transit and mobility hubs are in development.

Brampton has game-changing initiatives underway– ones that connect the city with long-term quality of life effects, economic spinoffs and government partnerships.

Regional Connections: Seamless local and regional transit services with connection points that bring walking, biking and transit together in areas where people work, live, learn, shop and play.

Urban Centres: Urban neighbourhoods become productive, creative, vibrant destinations that create a sense of belonging with lots to do: walk along trails or inviting streets, attend festivals and events, admire old and new architecture.

Health Partnerships:Establishing Brampton as a leader in health and life sciences; creating a cluster of health businesses; and encouraging new investments, as well as business and academic partnerships.

University:Creating a centre of education, innovation and collaboration – spurring jobs and investment and producing new waves of skilled workers for the industries of tomorrow.

Riverwalk: Rebuilding a downtown creek diversion channel to eliminate flood risks. More than an engineering project, it is expanding the city’s green infrastructure, creating new public spaces, and unlocking development potential for urban growth, public transit and university expansion.

Planning Vision: City planning must seize existing opportunities and create new ones; we must look at the city as a whole – not in pieces – in order to become a centre for jobs and innovation, a future city, a place with soul, and a global leader.