ConsidraCare: Revolutionizing Senior Home Care Globally 

June 19, 2023

ConsidraCare: Revolutionizing Senior Home Care Globally 

ConsidraCare is a Brampton-based startup on a mission to make senior home care more accessible and affordable globally. Founded by Saba Tauseef and Tauseef Riaz, ConsidraCare was born from the personal challenges of its co-founders, who each experienced a critical lack of empathy in Canadian and global healthcare, especially for seniors. Saba Tauseef, an anesthesiologist and public health expert with extensive global experience, was deeply affected by her father’s end-of-life experience. At the same time, Tauseef Riaz, her husband, who has previously invested, built, and scaled businesses in over 30 countries, witnessed first-hand the hardships seniors faced in receiving compassionate, dignified care in Canada. Motivated by their personal experiences, they both walked away from their careers. They created ConsidraCare, aiming to provide accessible, high-quality senior care worldwide, ensuring that everyone can age with dignity and respect. 

What Does ConsidraCare Do? 

ConsidraCare is an agetech startup that bridges families, caregivers, and seniors with real-time care delivery updates and unparalleled transparency. Their unique app empowers caregivers to focus on care over paperwork, while their platform proactively identifies potential issues and keeps everyone in the circle of care. Since its launch in 2022, they have achieved 5-star ratings for over 16,000 hours of compassionate care delivered to families in and around the GTA. With their first international pilot planned in Asia this year, they’re poised to reshape the $0.6 Tr global senior care market. 

How Has the Incubator/Accelerator Program Helped ConsidraCare? 

ConsidraCare has found an ideal thriving ground in Brampton, fueled by its diverse entrepreneurial spirit, exceptional municipal support for startups, and robust incubation ecosystem focused on leveling the playing field for underrepresented founders like them. They were fast-tracked by the Altitude Accelerator, who provided strategic guidance, industry connections, and investor introductions. With Altitude’s assistance, they achieved substantial market traction, brand recognition, and valuable strategic and commercial partnerships in just six months post-launch. Altitude Accelerator provided intensive sessions on Cap Table, Valuation, Data Room, Go to Market, IP Coaching, Financial Modeling, and Cybersecurity from their advisors/teachers/investors. ConsidraCare has also gone through a few of its Champion Panels, including Investor Review, to get them investor-ready. 

Perspective from the Incubator/Accelerator Program 

According to the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre, Tauseef from ConsidraCare has been a valued client of BEC since 2020, actively engaging with their team of dedicated advisors. They have diligently developed and delivered an action plan tailored to his needs, equipping him with practical strategies to connect with customers and boost his business. Moreover, they have facilitated valuable connections by linking Tauseef to essential resources and a wide range of supplementary support services. Their commitment to his success extends beyond conventional consulting, as they believe in providing comprehensive assistance to ensure his business thrives. Furthermore, they have confirmed that Tauseef has the necessary resources, connections, and wrap-around support services to execute his action plan effectively. By combining the power of the Growth Wheel with their tailored guidance and a collaborative environment, Tauseef has navigated the complexities of business growth with confidence and achieved remarkable results. 

In addition to their advisory services, Tauseef is also an esteemed member of their vibrant co-working space. This collaborative environment fosters networking opportunities, knowledge-sharing, and synergistic growth, further enriching Tauseef’s entrepreneurial journey. 

Long-Term Goals for ConsidraCare in Brampton and How They are Contributing to the Economic Growth of Brampton 

Brampton is an ideal place for ConsidraCare to thrive, with its untapped pool of talented immigrant healthcare professionals. Their business model aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals of “Decent Work and Economic Growth” and “Reduced Inequalities.” In just a year, they’ve transformed lives by creating impactful jobs for local immigrant women, most of whom have extensive healthcare experience from back home, and creating alternative career opportunities for foreign medical graduates. Further, they’ve fostered professional growth by supporting 20% of their personal support workers to skill up and become nurses. In the future, they plan on using Brampton’s strong international links in Asia and Africa and cross-border connectivity organizations, such as the BHive, to expand further into emerging markets bringing Canadian best practices for senior care to create a new category of workers specialized in providing care to the world’s aging population. 

In conclusion, ConsidraCare is a Brampton-based startup revolutionizing senior home care globally. With the help of Brampton’s incubator/accelerator programs, they have achieved substantial market traction, brand recognition, and valuable strategic and commercial partnerships. Their long-term goals of creating impactful jobs for local immigrant women and fostering professional growth align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals of “Decent Work and Economic Growth” and “Reduced Inequalities.” ConsidraCare is a shining example of how startups can contribute to Brampton’s economic growth while positively impacting society. 

Learn more about ConsidraCare here: Brampton home Care – Brampton Live in Care – ConsidraCare 

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