Input needed for economic strategy

March 1, 2018

​The City of Brampton is developing an Economic Development Master Plan, representing the overall strategic plan to support the City’s economic future.
Developing the Master Plan involves research, consultation and analysis – but most critical of all – it needs your input.

The City can’t develop a plan to map out clear and compelling economic development directions without hearing from Brampton businesses on their challenges and vision. We’ve had focus group sessions with some of you – but we need broader input through our survey.

Please for a short survey, largely multiple choice questions, that you can access from any connected device.
We appreciate your feedback to develop an economic development roadmap, identifying opportunities, challenges and activities reaching out to 2041. It will also provide recommendations for short and long-term actions to guide economic growth and future collaboration within the City, the business community, and with its post-secondary institutions.

There are several main components:
• A study of the major economic, demographic, technological and social opportunities and challenges impacting the City’s long term economic development and business growth
• Examining municipal, business and post-secondary collaborations
• A review of analyses and insights gained from other past and current economic studies of relevance to Brampton’s economic, demographic and social forecasts
• Consultation with Brampton business and community leaders through focus group sessions and a survey
• A focused analysis of six comparator cities from around the world.
Visit for more detail on the Economic Development Master Plan.