Loblaws – One of Canada’s Most Innovative Companies

March 19, 2015

​On March 19, 2015, Canadian Business magazine identified 15 organizations as “Canada’s Most Innovative Companies”. Loblaw Companies Limited with headquarters in Brampton, Ontario at 1 President’s Choice Circle, made the list as one of “Canada’s Most Innovative Companies”.

David Soberman from Rotman School of Management credit Loblaws – President’s Choice Brand as “a world leader when it comes to creating an in-house label that is every bit as good, if not better, than the leading national competitors” .

The Canadian Business magazine article describes how “gambling on ambitious idea is part of its DNA” and how the 96 year old company’s “boldest move” was to enter into the clothing industry in 2006. To this day Loblaws is the only grocery chain in Canada with an apparel section.

Furthermore, Loblaw began developing organic foods under the President’s Choice Brand umbrella before organic truly became mainstream.

With the acquisition of Shoppers Drug Mart in 2013 for $12.4 billion, one of the first innovative decisions Loblaws made the creation of a National Patient Contact Centre “to ensure customers are kept up to date with their prescriptions”.

According to the magazine the Shoppers Patient Contact Centre is the first of its kind in Canada. It is staffed by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who will make about five million calls a year, answering patient questions and reminding them to refill their prescriptions. The idea was developed after consulting with pharmacists.

According to Canadian Business magazine, “What sets the company apart is its ability to pounce on consumer trends early and its willingness to spend big to see its concepts through.”

Canadian Business Magazine Article: http://www.canadianbusiness.com/innovation/most-innovative-companies-2015-loblaw/
Learn More about Loblaw Companies Limited: http://www.loblaw.ca/