Main Street North: Distinct Character Area – Streamlined Processes

March 1, 2016

​Main Street North has been identified as a distinct “Character Area” within the Downtown Brampton precinct of the Central Area. It acts as the entry point into the historic Downtown Brampton and the Central Area as a whole. It is a unique and historical area, based on the lot pattern, the presence of older historical dwellings and remaining mature tree canopy. Originally a residential area, there has been a gradual and ongoing transition of the area to more commercial type uses.
To achieve this goal, a new land use control tool is available under the Planning Act called the Development Permit System (DPS). The DPS combines zoning, site plan and minor variances into one approval with the aim of streamlining the planning approval process and facilitating redevelopment. This also allows for greater flexibility in the planning framework to secure important land use, urban design, street scape and other objectives.

The image shows an aerial view of Main Street North. It includes the land between Church Street and Vodden Street and lands on the east side of Isabella Street and Thomas Street as well as some lots on Victoria Terrace, William Street, Bird Avenue, Ellen Street, and Alexander Street. We are very excited at the City of Brampton to provide this opportunity for growth and redevelopment. From a municipal perspective this DPS helps us serve our clients better and build stronger communities to attract and retain individuals and create desirable spaces in which we live, work and play. If you would like more information with respect to the Main Street North Development Permit System please contact:
Paul Aldunate
Central Area Planner
Office of the Central Area
City of Brampton