MDA gets $53.7M Federal funding supports 175 jobs

March 1, 2018

​In December, MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA), in partnership with the Federal government, announced they have been awarded $53.7 million in federal funding to invest in robotic technology supporting future space exploration.

Of the total investment, approximately $52.5 million is to be spent on the mobile servicing system and the space station’s sophisticated robotics systems, including the return from space and refurbishing of one of Canadarm2’s hands. Another $800,000 will go toward enabling autonomous control of future space hardware such as robotic arms and rovers. The final $450,000 will be used for a concept study for two rover types that would be used for lunar exploration. This investment will support will support 175 jobs.

Located in Brampton since 1999, MDA employs more than 350 people in Brampton. As global leaders in the communications and information field, they provide operational solutions to commercial and government organizations worldwide. At its Brampton facility, MDA’s Robotics and Automation engineers design and develop automated space and terrestrial robotics. Most notably, MDA is the creator of the CanadaArm.

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