More details on University plans

March 1, 2018

​On February 14, Brampton’s Committee of Council approved a report authorizing City staff to begin limited procurement efforts for a new centre of education, innovation and collaboration in downtown Brampton as part of the university project.
This allows staff to begin the pre-qualification process to hire an architect for the joint-use facility planned in conjunction with the university, as well as necessary studies to better plan a facility and move through the regulatory process. The City plans to have an architect in place and begin preliminary work by mid-year. The City will be able to keep pace with Ryerson University’s progress towards the campus building. The report caps current spending at $750,000.

All this progress is taking place in the context of ongoing, multi-level discussions between Ryerson University, Sheridan College, the City, the Province and other stakeholders to move key aspects of this exciting initiative forward.

The Brampton Board of Trade recently hosted Mayor Jeffrey for the State of the City address. Dr. Lachemi, President of Ryerson University, also spoke at the event, and talked about some of Ryerson’s plans for Brampton.

He reiterated the importance of a downtown location, matching Ryerson’s well-earned reputation as a city-builder. He spoke about the size and importance of the cybersecurity market in the context of planning for programming at the university. And, he talked about his vision for a Global Centre for Cybersecurity in conjunction with a Brampton campus – a place where learning, research and business come together to operate a centre of excellence and innovation in cyber science and security.

Work and planning continues, even as we wait for the formal announcement from the Province of Ontario that will kick-start transformative new developments for Brampton.

Please visit ourUniversity project website for more information.