New rankings position Brampton as a global leader and prime investment location

June 13, 2019

Announced yesterday, Brampton received recognition as a Top 10 Mid-Sized American City of the Future 2019/20 as ranked by fDi Intelligence, a division of the Financial Times (UK).

Brampton ranked first in the Connectivity category and Top 10 for Business Friendliness, placing eighth overall. Brampton was ranked against 218 cities across the Americas.

On May 29, Brampton’s Economic Development and Culture Office unveiled a step-by-step plan to increase jobs and growth in Brampton by building stronger economic linkages around the globe. The goal is to demonstrate to the world that Brampton is a city of opportunities.

This is not the first time Brampton received recognition from fDi Intelligence. The rankings renew every two years, and for the past eight years, Brampton has consistently won or placed near the top in categories like Business Friendliness, City of the Future, Infrastructure and Connectivity. The full results and more information about the rankings are available online.


“These awards reinforce Brampton’s position as a world-class city and a prime location for global businesses to invest. Our focus on building the types of assets that attract investment and capitalizing on the City’s strengths positions us well to compete in the global investment community.” – Mayor Patrick Brown

“This announcement coincides with our new strategy to increase our attractiveness to the global market, and will only assist us in ensuring that Brampton is promoted as a competitive and appealing place to do business.” – Regional Councillor Gurpreet S. Dhillon, Chair of Economic Development​