Peel Manor project a win for City, healthcare and seniors

June 16, 2017

​Brampton City Council has approved a zoning and official plan amendment to allow for redevelopment of the Peel Manor Long Term Care centre. This project collaboration between the Region of Peel and City of Brampton will result in enhanced care for seniors and more liveable spaces for residents.

Key to this project is a land exchange where the City will give up part of Murray Street Park, allowing construction of the new long-term care facility. When the new facility is complete, the existing building will be demolished, and a portion of the land will become part of the Murray Street Park.

“This project is a great example of how the right partnerships create value,” said Regional Councillor Elaine Moore, Chair of the Planning and Development Committee. “It’s really a centre of excellence for seniors. Once it’s complete, the City, our seniors and our residents will benefit from increased access to healthcare and park space.”

The Peel Manor Long Term Care building has reached its useful lifespan, and significant improvements are now required. This project will increase the current configuration’s capacity, and will add living space for those with specialized needs. There will also be additional Adult Day Service, with 60 spaces available to serve 75-100 participants each day over various shifts. The Region of Peel has been envisioning the area around Peel Manor as a regional Seniors’ Services Hub.

“The redevelopment of Peel Manor shows how health partnerships can contribute to employment and improve quality of life in Brampton,” said Bob Darling, Director of Economic Development and Culture and the corporate leader responsible for the City’s Health Partnerships initiative. “Along with recent developments around Peel Memorial and the upcoming opening of ErinoakKids, we’re building great momentum in this sector.”

The re-imagined Murray Street Park will feature senior friendly active outdoor spaces and walking paths, and will create greater connectivity to and from the seniors’ hub. It will also end up slightly larger than its current configuration.

The new Peel Manor is less than two kilometres away from the area the City is envisioning as a health cluster around the new Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness.A recent studyoutlined a core strategy to build on existing strengths in the health and life sciences sector with forward-looking thinking and technology advancements.

Long-term outcomes of a health cluster development include: a better quality of life in Brampton based on more and higher-paying jobs, smart growth within the downtown centre, and advancing the City’s global reputation for innovation and excellence.

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