Placemaking: Be a part of the Discussion

December 15, 2015

​“Place needs business. Business needs talent. Talent wants place.”
These succinct words of Dan Gilmartin, the executive director and CEO of the Michigan Municipal League, are as true for Brampton as any other urban centre. Through his work with communities, Mr. Gilmartin is recognized as a national leader in the fields of urban revitalization and placemaking.

On February 9, local and regional leaders will be part of the discussion on placemaking and the economy in Brampton at an event hosted by Brampton’s Office of the Central Area.

The Business Development Networking Event kicks off at 5 pm on Tuesday, February 9, and includes guest speakers from Yonge-Dundas Square, Downtown Yonge BIA, Peel Memorial Centre and Bramalea City Centre. The event will also feature a marketplace in the City Hall Atrium and Conservatory bringing together Brampton businesses, organizations and city departments to connect and engage with you.

Brampton’s Central Area, connecting our Downtown, Queen Street Corridor and Bramalea City Centre is already home to culture, heritage and amenities. We want to discuss sound strategies to build more “places” in these areas and create spaces for social interaction, health and wellness activities and everyday human exchange. We have revitalized public spaces, and we need

Brampton’s young population continues to grow. We need to understand how to create the communities around the people that live and work here. With the right placemaking and economic strategy Brampton can do just that.

Please come and participate in this event byregistering here. Help make Brampton a place that we all want to live, work, and play in.

“Great places and strong economies can only exist when people choose to participate in creating them; they are human-powered monuments.” Project for Public Spaces.