Scooty: Revolutionizing First and Last-Mile Transit in Brampton

October 30, 2023

Scooty scooter business founders

At the Brampton Economic Development Office, we are always eager to support startups that have the potential to shape our city’s future. In 2019, Shoaib Ahmed and Shahid Pasha established SCOOTY with a vision to revolutionize first and last-mile transit using electric micro-mobility. Their passion for innovation and commitment to making Brampton a leader in sustainable transportation solutions quickly caught our attention. 

By January 2020, Brampton Venture Zone introduced Shoaib Ahmed to us, aiming to deepen his engagement with the City of Brampton and present the concept of introducing scooters here. In our initial meeting, we advised him to connect with the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre (BEC) to strategize on liaising with the city’s decision-makers and explore potential funding opportunities. 

Shoaib and the team, consisting of Moaz Ahmad, Yashin Shah, Shahid Pasha, and Wasif Khan, were highly receptive to our guidance. As part of our recommendations, we encouraged senior management and city council to personally try out their e-scooters. Additionally, we suggested creating a social media clip showcasing them riding the e-scooters in Brampton, which served as a powerful marketing tool for the community while providing leverage in initiating a pilot program. 

What Does Scooty Do? 

SCOOTY is a Brampton-based micro-mobility company that focuses on providing the public with affordable and simple access to electric scooters for first and last-mile commuting. They are committed to making sustainable transportation options easily accessible to everyone in Brampton. 

Supporting Scooty’s Growth: Brampton Innovation District Incubator/Accelerator Program 

Through their dedication and hard work, Scooty not only successfully navigated the demanding Starter Company Plus program, but they also secured a valuable grant to fuel their business aspirations. This is a testament to the hard work and commitment of the Scooty team. 

Perspective from the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre (BEC) 

Scooty has been part of the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre for over three years, and we have been immensely impressed with their passion, focus, and determination in bringing new modes of mobility to Canada. Their dedication to making Brampton a first choice for their innovative offerings is inspiring. 

They have exhibited a proactive attitude in achieving their goals and have worked in partnership with various stakeholders at the City of Brampton. Scooty has been exceptional, going above and beyond what a typical tech company in their space would do. Their decision to launch a pilot program in Brampton during the COVID-19 crisis demonstrated their daring spirit and determination. 

We have also appreciated how Shoaib and the team at Scooty make it a point to build strong relationships with everyone at City Hall. They have actively engaged in increasing awareness rather than just pushing their own agenda. It is this collaborative and community-driven approach that sets them apart. 

Long-Term Goals for Scooty in Brampton and Contribution to Economic Growth 

As Scooty’s first season of e-scooter operations in the City of Brampton comes to an end in mid-November, they are already planning and preparing for next year’s e-scooter season, starting back in spring 2024. So far, Scooty has completed close to 60,000 rides across the city, employing nearly 20 people locally. 

With City approval, Scooty has ambitious plans for the future. They aim to expand their e-scooter fleet size from 300 to 500, adding more designated parking zones and ensuring accessibility to all neighborhoods across the city. Their vision is to establish a “15-minute commuting” experience with an exclusive agreement with GO Transit, and residential/mixed-use developments, providing easier and eco-friendly access to all Brampton residents. 

At the Brampton Economic Development Office, we are proud to have supported Scooty on their journey. We are excited to see them continue to grow and contribute to the economic growth of Brampton. Together, we are building a thriving community that embraces innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. 

Learn more about Scooty here: SCOOTY | Ridesharing, Electric Scooters, Electric Bikes, Accessories Store ( Join us in supporting their mission to create a greener, more connected Brampton!  

*Disclaimer: The information in this blog post is based on the provided content and may not reflect real-time updates or changes to the startup’s operations.