Trailcon Leasing Inc. Headquarters Opens in Brampton

June 12, 2015

​On June 12th 2015, Trailcon Leasing Inc. celebrated the Grand Opening of their impressive new headquarter facility in Brampton.

The custom built facility, located at 15 Spar Drive is more than three times the size of their Mississauga site, with 30,000 square feet situated on a 15-acre property.

Trailcon Leasing Inc. invested $22 million in acquiring the land and constructing the building. The facility is now home to more than 100 office staff and technicians. Not only does the facility include a large high-tech lunchroom for staff, but President Alan Boughton ensured a driver lounge was included in the facility design.

Mr. Boughton calls the driver area “The Robert Lounge,” after a story an employee named Robert told him about how drivers are not even allowed to use the washrooms at other facilities. The message drivers were getting was, “You can deliver a million dollars’ worth of our product but you can’t use our washroom.”

Trailcon Leasing Inc is now a leader in trailer rental, leasing and maintenance solutions and has contracts with Walmart, Pizza Pizza and Maple Lodge Farms. It has a fleet of 6,500 trailers and maintains 20,000 trailers units.

“Brampton welcomed us with open arms, even though we are second on the undesirable list – landfill is number one,” Mr. Boughton said at a press conference. “The perception is that anything that is M2 is outside storage and is an ugly building.” A walk around their property showed the exact opposite; the modern, facility is attractive and clean.

During an interview with the Economic Development Office at the Grand Opening, Mr. Boughton said Brampton was the prime location for their new facility because of the highways surrounding the city and that made it accessible for all of its customers. In addition, Brampton had land the city had available to build upon.

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