Transforming Economic Development for growth, service

June 5, 2017

As Brampton moves to take a prominent place as a major urban centre, our Economic Development approach is transforming to match.

Exciting things are happening in Brampton as it moves onto the global stage – the development of a human health and sciences cluster around the new Peel Memorial, the anticipation as the work to bring a new university to Brampton progresses, and significant urban development projects like Riverwalk and transit expansion.

Acknowledging the role culture plays in the vibrancy of the local economy, the new Economic Development and Culture office is building on a history of client service and now positioning Brampton as a significant competitor to other Canadian and global cities.

“Our economic development model is based on Brampton’s transformation story,” says Economic Development Chair Councillor Jeff Bowman. “We’re modernizing, collaborating, partnering and innovating to reflect our City’s reality and the best path to greater economic success.”

A new long-term strategy is in development, setting objectives out to 2031 and built on and measured by shorter-term plans and benchmarks. To set the stage, there have been several specific transformations.

A sector-focused, client-focused approach

Brampton’s economic development efforts will tighten focus with sector-based approach, anticipating the skills and industries of tomorrow, while accounting for traditional strengths. Leaders are being assigned to each of these four sectors: Advanced Manufacturing, Human Health and Sciences, Food and Beverage Processing and Innovation and Technology

A newly created role for an Expeditor will work across the sectors, supporting activities, and working to streamline client service by acting as a facilitator and conduit to municipal services for the business community.

Building cultural vibrancy

In addition, Economic Development has combined forces merged with the City’s Cultural Services. While infrastructure supports our growing city, there is an important connection between the activity of the arts and culture sector and economic vitality in Brampton.

In in a youthful city such as ours, Culture’s potential for influence in providing a means for the expression of new ideas and creativity by the next generation should not be underestimated. Keeping our talented, young people in the community, those graduates from Algoma, Sheridan and our future university will be an important element to our economic prosperity, as well as creative richness.

Providing a means for the expression of new ideas and creativity and developing concentrations of creative industries and entrepreneurs is an important element for the recruitment and retention of a skilled and educated workforce. It provides a competitive edge by elevating a community’s quality of life, improving our ability to attract businesses and economic activity and creates a climate for innovation to flourish.

Brampton’s Economic Development and Culture is built on a passionate and enthusiastic team that’s committed to working with residents, community partners, stakeholders, businesses and visitors to leverage the power of the arts, culture and creativity while driving a broader agenda for economic change, growth and transformation.

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