2015 Brampton Employer Census

June 3, 2015

Over the course of the summer, the Brampton Economic Development Office (EDO) is conducting the 2015 Employer Census.

Economic Development staff will be visiting, faxing, emailing and calling all local businesses to collect key information. The survey takes just a few minutes to complete.

The data collected through this initiative provides a snapshot of the Brampton business community and allows an in-depth analysis of the types of companies that are located in the city.

In addition to examining Brampton’s economic health and overall growth, the data is used by the EDO to help shape municipal policy.Brampton employer survey data is also used to review and monitor business and industry sectors.

Sector analysis provides insight into those industries that have a strong presence in the city and those that may benefit from further support and development. This information is used in developing a focused business retention and expansion strategy and assist in the attraction of new industry.

The employer survey is the most complete database of business information available.

To ensure your company’s information is included and is accurate, please try and respond when a representative of the Brampton Economic Development Office contacts you.

To ensure your business is included or if you have any question regarding the 2015 Brampton Employer Survey, please do not hesitate to contact our office directly at 905-874-2650 oredo@brampton.ca.

For a copy of the “2015 Official Business Update Form”Click Here.