Brampton’s SounDrive Records making big dreams happen

October 20, 2015

Dominic and Francesco Giuliano are dreaming big. These Brampton brothers of Metis heritage are working hard to bring their music industry entrepreneurial dreams to life. With support from the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre and the Starter Company program, the two are launching SounDrive Records.

Starter Company is an entrepreneurship program designed to help young people in Ontario start a small business with mentorship and money – up to $5,000. The program is funded through the Province of Ontario’s Youth Jobs Strategy, and delivered through regional or municipal offices like the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre. It’s one of the many resources entrepreneurs with plans to launch or grow a business can tap into.

With artists ready to sign on, and new products ready to launch, SounDrive is hoping to make a big splash as they officially launch their business this fall. Part of their approach involves fully embracing technology and the online world with a service they’re calling DriveWire – using net-casting to create events around their artists. “The industry is moving online – the old tools aren’t working anymore,” says Dominic. “We want to work directly with artists, one-on-one, and connect them with a global audience. We believe we can help them out.”

Dominic and Francesco, 23 and 22 years of age respectively, have a long history of involvement in music, despite their youth. Between them they boast 19 years of experience; playing instruments, live performance, writing lyrics and original music, and producing music. Both also completed programs at Metalworks Institute, a renowned entertainment arts school.

“After our involvement with Metalworks, it became pretty clear that starting SounDrive Records was the direction we wanted to go,” says Francesco. There wasn’t a big ‘a-ha’ moment, but a gradual realization that they had the skills and contacts in the music industry to make it happen.

Their own passion is driving them too. “We’d rather go broke trying to make something happen in the music industry than work in any other career,” says Francesco.

They also have big dreams for music artists. “The music industry has a reputation that may deter people from chasing their own dreams of becoming a recording artist,” says Dominic. “We want to provide an entry point for them, service to make the dream accessible – because it is. We want to see artists succeed, and then we succeed too.”

Through the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre and the Starter Company program, the brothers developed a new appreciation for the business side of their venture. They already had the music industry expertise and contacts, but now they are taking advantage of new business networks and ideas. “They really opened up our eyes to new opportunities and ways to position our business,” says Dominic.

“I think there’s an idea out there that it’s way too far-fetched to go out and start a record label. With the right attitude and support, anyone can do it,” says Francesco.

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