DSV Solutions brings Innovation and Automation to Brampton

May 11, 2018

​New technology solutions improve productivity and speed up fulfillment – and de-wrinkle almost 600 garments an hour!

DSV Solutions Inc. (Canada) is a division of DSV A/S, the 5th largest global third party logistics company, with over 850,000 sq. ft. of warehousing space in four facilities in Brampton. DSV Solutions is constantly working on continuous improvement efforts, offering innovative and technological upgrades to existing and future clients.

At the 350 Parkhurst Square facility, DSV provided a large national clothing retailer with an innovative, onsite solution to their problem of distributing wrinkle-free garments to the end customers in Canada. The garments were arriving in ocean containers from Bangladesh and by the time the garments arrived, they were no longer wrinkle free. The initial practice was to send the garments to a third-party steam cleaner, which increased the transit times to the stores. The DSV solution was to build their own internal steam tunnel. This machine has a 580 garment per hour capacity and has drastically improved the handling and final mile delivery for the client.

At the 8590 Airport Road facility, DSV introduced a Pouch Sorter System, which eliminates the manual sorting and segregation of eCommerce orders. The modular system is tailored for the hanging transport of garments and apparel, cosmetics, electrical devices, toys and household appliances. The overhead conveying system uses RFID technology to induct each item into a separate pouch, and isolate individual orders with a capacity of 10,000 pieces per hour. With optimized matrix sorting capability, pickers are more efficient since orders are no longer separated at the ground level. The overhead rail system makes better use of the floor space and increases productivity at every stage in the order process.

DSV is putting Brampton on the map by continually investing in technology and innovation to be a warehouse industry leader.

For more information, please visitwww.dsv.com or contactsolutions@ca.dsv.com