Energy minister tours Brampton MDA Corporation

March 12, 2015

​On March 12, 2015, Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli, toured the MDA facility at 9445 Airport Road in Brampton, Ontario. The visit provided the Minister insights into MDA’s advanced technologies and capabilities in various markets such as manned and unmanned space exploration, robotic surgery and nuclear reactor maintenance.

The Ontario government will be partnering with the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries for a nuclear trade mission to South Korea from April 26 to May 2, 2015.

Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli is expected to meet with officials from the South Korean government and business sectors to promote companies such as MDA Corporation at the 30th KAIF Korea Atomic Power Annual Conference in Seoul.

MDA Corporation is best known for construction of the Canadarm for NASA’s Space Shuttle Program.

They have also developed a new generation of robotics for medical applications. The robotics are designed to operate within a Magnetic Resonance Imaging environment and provide surgeons with tools at a microscopic scale to perform procedures with higher accuracy, resulting in less invasive procedures and better outcomes for patients.

MDA nuclear automation solutions have been successfully deployed in Canada and the United States for inspection, maintenance, and remediation activities. “Our systems must work the first time and every time… is particularly relevant in the nuclear industry” said Cameron Ower, Chief Technology Officer, Robotics & Animation.

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