Gray Tools Expanding with Technology

September 9, 2016

​Gray Tools Canada Inc. is proud to announce its expansion into the industrial chemical market, with the launch of Turbo-K gas turbine cleaner, the first product introduction resulting from a new strategic partnership with Turbo-K International Ltd.
Turbo-K is the only gas turbine compressor cleaner in the world with no cloud point, the temperature below which wax in some fuels solidify, clogging fuel filters and injectors in engines. Unlike all other cleaners, Turbo-K is stable at all temperatures, meaning all fouling is removed from every stage and flushed directly into the combustion chamber. There is no re-depositing from cold sections to hot as is the case with the most popular cleaners available in the market, that break down as they exceed their cloud points.

According to Vedran Burina, BEng, Product Manager, “Turbo-K is a game changer in gas turbine compressor maintenance. On-line cleaning of gas turbine compressors provides the most effective method for preventing gas turbine fouling. This results in maximum available power output, increased fuel efficiency and reduced wear and tear on machine components such as bearings and blades. The period between necessary gas turbine shut-downs for off-line washing (crank-wash) is significantly extended, thus reducing costly down-time and production losses.”

Gray Tools’ expansion into the chemical business is not a radical change in strategic direction, but rather a complementary addition that supports the company’s mission, according to company President Gary Nuttall: “Gray Tools’ mission is to provide professionals in the industrial, oil and gas, power generation, military and aviation fields the best available products and solutions that will ensure proper maintenance of production facilities. Turbo-K International Ltd. will be able to provide the level of expertise and product innovation required to position Gray Tools as a trusted name in the industrial chemical market”.

Turbo-K is approved by the world’s leading gas turbine manufacturers, including Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, Siemens, GE, and Dresser-Rand, to name a few. In addition, the cleaner conforms to US-MIL-PRF- 85704C specifications for Type II (Off-Line) and Type III (On-Line) aqueous cleaner concentrate for use on US Navy, US Airforce, US Marine Corps, US Army inventory.

As a supplier to the Canadian industry for over a century, Gray Tools is at the forefront of the latest challenges and factors influencing the maintenance, repair, and operation of industrial machinery. The expansion into the chemical category will provide peace of mind to professionals who put their trust in the Gray name for over 100 years.

About Gray Tools:
Gray Tools Canada Inc. ( of Brampton, ON, is the only industrial-quality manufacturer of hand tools in Canada and has been manufacturing high-quality hand tools since 1912. The company currently offers more than 6,000 industrial product solutions and operates two warehouses in Canada.

About Turbo-K:
Turbo-K International Limited, of Winchester, U.K ( is the world’s only manufacturer of gas turbine compressor cleaner that provides 100% online cleaning efficiency in a single pass. The company’s proprietary formulation and production process is environmentally safe and the trusted choice of major gas turbine manufacturers and operators around the world.