One37 ID: Revolutionizing Identity Authentication for a Secure Digital Future

October 24, 2023

One37 ID

In a bustling city, Fadwa’s life took an unexpected twist when her identity card disappeared into thin air. What followed was a comical whirlwind of government office odysseys, endless forms, and the discovery that bureaucracy had a wicked sense of humor.

As Fadwa navigated this maze, a brilliant idea struck – “Why not create a company to make life easier for folks like me?” And thus, “One37” was born, dedicated to turning identity management into a breezy adventure.

One37 made identity management private, secure, and reusable. No more lost cards, no more red tape. Losing an identity card became a mere hiccup, not a horror story.

Fadwa’s journey from the absurdity of a vanished card to founding One37 was like a quirky comedy, proving that humor and innovation could indeed change the world, one step at a time.

The Pioneers in Identity Authentication

One37 is a pioneer in redefining identity authentication in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape. We tackle the pressing issues of security breaches and increasing fraud head-on, setting a new standard for secure identity verification.

One37’s Next-Gen AI Identity platform represents a quantum leap forward, harnessing dynamic AI, biometrics, and credentials to create multi-dimensional security. Importantly, all biometric data remains under individual control, never in the hands of tech giants.

Our platform seamlessly blends robust security with a user-friendly interface, providing a unique ecosystem that transforms the foundation of identity verification. We proactively eliminate fraud at its root, safeguarding both individuals and organizations from the outset.

What sets us apart? Our diverse team and rigorous internal testing ensure comprehensive solutions that meet the highest standards. We’re not simply reacting to industry demands; we’re pioneering digital transformation. One37 empowers individuals to take control of their digital identities and enables organizations to trust in secure interactions.

In a world where complacency reigns, One37 shines as a beacon of innovation, security, and user-centric design, architecting a new era in identity verification and protection.

The Power of Brampton Innovation District

The Brampton Innovation District Incubator and accelerator program offered One37 valuable support in several ways:

  1. Access to Mentorship: Seasoned mentors provided us guidance on strategy, industry insights, and overall business development. They helped us refine our business model, navigate challenges, and make informed decisions.
  2. Networking Opportunities: One37 interacted with entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts, opening doors to potential partnerships, collaborations, and funding opportunities. The program fostered peer learning and invaluable connections.
  3. Business Development: The Brampton Program provided access to workshops, training, and resources to improve various aspects of the business, from marketing and sales to product development and scalability.
  4. Market Validation: The Brampton Program helped One37 validate our products and services in the market by providing opportunities to test, gather feedback, and refine our offerings.
  5. Brand Credibility: Being associated with a well-known incubator or accelerator enhances One37’s credibility, particularly when seeking partnerships or customers.
  6. Program Focus: One37 directly benefited from engaging with focus groups in cybersecurity expertise, privacy compliance, and AI technology development, gaining valuable insights and expertise.
  7. Diversity: The Brampton Program exemplified the importance of diversity and inclusion, setting an example that One37 will always follow and cherish.

A Perspective from Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst

According to the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, One37 delivers a suite of Digital Trust building blocks, providing the highest level of security and privacy for businesses and consumers. Their mission is to lay a foundation of trust, enabling the exchange of reusable trusted data among people, devices, and service providers.

One37 Co-founder & CEO, Fadwa Mohanna, and COO, Issa Chini, participated in the eighth cohort of the Catalyst Cyber Accelerator (CCA) earlier in 2023. Fadwa represented the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst on the Secure & Protect stage at the Elevate Festival, sharing her perspective on Inclusivity in Cybersecurity Talent Recruitment & Retention.

As a result of One37’s participation in the CCA program, their team size increased by 22%, and they built a full marketing strategy to address each of their target audiences.

Contributing to Brampton’s Economic Growth

One37’s relationship with the city of Brampton is strategic, and our commitment to the growth of Brampton will always be on our agenda:

  • Tech Ecosystem Integration: One37 actively participates in and contributes to the growth of Brampton’s tech ecosystem by collaborating with local tech startups, attending tech events, and supporting tech education.
  • Community Engagement: One37 engages in community outreach, supports STEM education initiatives, and participates in local events to build a strong rapport with the community.
  • Employment Opportunities: One37 focuses on hiring a local team in Brampton to serve enterprise clients across Canada, contributing to job creation and economic development.
  • Security and Privacy Advocacy: Given our focus on privacy and security, One37 actively engages in discussions and initiatives related to data privacy and security within the city and beyond.

One37 is proud to be part of the Brampton Innovation District, contributing to a thriving ecosystem of innovation, economic growth, and technological breakthroughs. Together, we are shaping a secure and user-centric digital future.

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